Level 2 Fire Safety


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Level 2 Fire Safety

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires competent individuals to assist the person who is responsible for the overall fire safety of a premises. This course provides the ideal Fire Marshal training to people for such roles.

Endorsed by Highfield

Level 2 Fire Safety

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About this Course

This course is designed for managers, supervisors, and all staff members who have the responsibility of dealing with fire-related policies and emergencies. It can be used as an induction or refresher training for fire marshals and wardens or anyone working in a fire hazard-prone environment.

This course teaches best practice regarding fire safety, including an introduction to fire safety, characteristics of fire, legislation and risk assessment. This makes it a perfect training for a designated fire marshal. It is also ideal for anyone taking a level 2 Fire Safety qualification. It can also be used as part of the on-programme element of the new apprenticeship standards to help apprentices effectively integrate into the workplace.

Most fires can be prevented. It is the responsibility of every business to carry out a thorough assessment of the risk of fire, decide on appropriate fire precautions and devise an action plan in the event of a fire. Assigning Fire Warden duties to a responsible person who has had Level 2 Fire Safety training will ensure that you maintain high health and safety standards in your workplace. It will also reflect your commitment to your employees’ health and safety.

A Fire Marshal or Fire Warden’s responsibilities include identifying and reporting potential fire hazards at the workplace to the appropriate person. In the event of a fire, a Fire Marshal or Fire Warden ensures that the premises are evacuated in a timely manner and all employees are assembled at the designated assembly point. During the event of a fire, Fire Marshals or Fire Wardens are usually the last person to exit the premises, which means that they are most at risk. Having the right training will ensure that they are able to help others while keeping themselves safe.

Did you know: All individuals working within a building are responsible for fire safety. Being aware of fire safety protocols and identifying potential risks are ways in which fire-related accidents can be avoided.

  • Think out of the box

    Not all fires are the same. Learn how to deal with different types of fire and take simple preventative measures to eliminate risks.

  • Learn a Lifelong Skill

    Protect yourself and others around you, along with gaining valuable skills that will benefit you throughout your life.

  • Legal Duties

    Abide by legal requirements and get proper fire safety training.


After successfully completing the course you will receive an e-certificate that you can download onto your device.

Areas Covered

  • Introduction to Fire Safety Level 2

    Learn the hazards and risks associated with fire in the workplace, how fire risk is controlled in the workplace, the principles and practice of fire safety management at work and the role of the nominated fire warden.

  • The Characteristics of Fire

    Learn the ways in which fire causes injuries and fatalities, the ways in which fire can spread, and the British Standards Institute (BSI) classifications of fire.

  • Fire Safety Legislation

    Learn some of the pieces of guidance and legislation that govern fire safety practice, and the roles, duties and obligations under legislation.

  • Assessing and Managing Risk

    Learn the five steps of fire risk assessment, the actions that should be taken in the event of discovering fire, the actions that should be taken in the event of the fire alarm sounding, the active and passive fire protection systems, and about the portable fire-fighting equipment.

Fire Marshal Training
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It is a legal requirement to give your staff the appropriate fire safety training.

The employer or owner is responsible for fire safety. They can either take the responsibility of a Fire Warden upon themselves or designate another person. Whoever holds the responsibility must be trained to the appropriate level.

There is no legal requirement regarding the validity of the fire safety training. However, if you want to meet the British Standards KiteMark (BS 9999, Fire Safety of Buildings), you should provide refresher training for your employees annually. It goes without saying that any new employees in your company need to be provided with fire safety training. You should also regularly update your employees regarding any changes in the fire safety protocols.

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