Introduction to Fraud and Fraud Prevention


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Introduction to Fraud and Fraud Prevention

The fraudster’s greatest liability is the certainty that the fraud is too clever to be detected. This course will help you understand different types of fraud, their associated risks, and preventive methods.

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Introduction to Fraud and Fraud Prevention

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About this Course

The Fraud Act 2006 lists 3 types of fraud: fraud by false representation; fraud by failing to disclose information; and fraud by abuse of position. Our Introduction to Fraud and Fraud Prevention course is designed to help organisations understand the different types of fraud, its risks, and the preventative measures required in order to avoid huge sums as a consequence of fraud.

According to the Action Fraud report released in September 2017, around 272,980 fraud offences were carried out in the UK in the previous 12 months. Businesses in the UK lose up to £190 billion every year as the result of fraud. 70% of these frauds occur in the private sector. It is much cheaper to invest in fraud prevention training. More companies are now choosing to implement preventive measures against fraud. Providing employees with adequate fraud awareness training is a key part of it.

The course covers the legal requirements for employers and businesses set out by the Fraud Act 2006 and suggests practical measures that companies can take to spot, prevent and report fraudulent activity.

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Did you know: In 2019, UK Finance members reported 122,437 incidents of Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams with gross losses of £455.8 million

  • Help protect your business and employees from the serious consequences fraud can result in

  • Suitable for all employees & managers

  • Perfect as part of an employee induction plan


After successfully completing the course you will receive an e-certificate that you can download onto your device.

Areas Covered

  • The Fraud Act 2006

    Learn what the Fraud Act 2006 is and the ways in which a fraud can be committed.

  • The Theft Act 1968

    Learn what the Theft Act 1968 is and what counts as a breach of the act.

  • Consequences

    Learn the consequences and penalties of committing fraud.

  • The Fraud Triangle

    Using Donald R Cressey’s fraud triangle theory, learn how and why fraud occurs.

  • Factors That Could Increase the Likelihood of Fraud

    Learn what factors increase the likelihood of fraud and what measure can an organisation take to reduce that probability.

  • Fraud Risk Management

    Learn how to use fraud risk management procedures to help reduce the risk of fraud.

  • Developing a Zero-tolerance Culture

    Familiarize yourself with policies that can lead to a zero-tolerance culture towards fraud and learn the benefits of such a culture.

  • Anti-Fraud Policy

    Learn why an anti-fraud policy is important to have in place and what key factors to keep in mind when devising one.

  • Fraud Detection Controls and Actions

    Learn why it is important to carry out regular fraud detection control measures and learn examples of measures to identify fraud.

  • Fraud Investigation

    Learn ways in which an investigation should be carried out so as not to jeopardise any legal action taken.

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