Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events


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Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events

You will receive the ideal training for stewarding at spectator events in this interactive online course.

Endorsed by Highfield

Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events

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About this Course

This course equips you with the knowledge required to achieve a Level 2 RQF qualification in Understanding Stewarding at Spectator Events. It may also be used to underpin the knowledge required of the level 2 NVQ certificate in spectator safety qualification.

There are thousands of spectator events every year requiring stewards, such as football matches, festivals, concerts or car races. This course is meant for anyone who wants to work as a steward or learn about event safety and crowd management. It is also beneficial for security officers, crowd marshals, police officers and managers who are responsible for crowd control.

You will learn how to control the entry, exit and movement of people at spectator events, monitor spectators and deal with crowd problems, and deal with emergencies. After a successful completion of this course, learners can pursue a career in Stage Pit Operation, Event Safety, Incident Response or Crowd Safety Management.

Did you know: The security industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the UK, with stewards being used at a variety of spectator events with more than 620,000 employees.


After successfully completing the course you will receive an e-certificate that you can download onto your device.

Areas Covered

  • Prepare for Spectator Events

    Learn the roles and responsibilities of stewards and other staff at spectator events and how to prepare yourself for those duties. Learn how to search for and deal with suspect items, and how to check for and respond to hazards.

  • Control the Entry, Exit and Movement of People at Spectator Events

    Learn how to control entry, exit and movement of people at spectator events, how to recognize and respond to illegal and prohibited items and how to help customers with their problems.

  • Monitoring Spectators and Dealing with Crowd Problems

    Recognize potential crowd problems, such as illegal and unsociable behaviours, and learn how to respond to them.

  • Dealing with Accidents and Emergencies

    Learn how to respond to injuries and illness on a first-on-scene basis and which emergency procedures to follow.

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