Personal Licence Holders (eLearning only)


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Personal Licence Holders (eLearning only)

The course contains all the relevant information that learners require for them to go on to complete the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (RQF) qualification.

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Personal Licence Holders (eLearning only)

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About this Course

This online course covers the syllabus of the level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (APLH). It is perfect for anyone who sells, wishes to sell, or authorise the sale of alcohol in England or Wales. This includes anyone working in hospitality, bars, clubs, retail, or any other licensed premises, as well as temporary events where alcohol is to be sold. It can also be used as a refresher course for someone who already has a personal licence.

It is a legal requirement in the UK that all sales of alcohol conducted on licensed premises must be authorised by a personal licence holder. To apply for a personal licence, you must hold an accredited qualification. This course only provides the knowledge element of the Level 2 Award for Personal Licence Holders (RQF) qualification.

Irresponsible consumption of alcohol causes thousands of accidents and incidents in the UK every year. A fifth of all suicides are also connected with alcohol abuse, because of this, the sale of alcohol must be regulated. Licensed premises must have an allocated personal licence holder, known as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). The DPS must authorise every sale of alcohol.

This course will help you understand licencing law and learn the importance of following alcohol retailing responsibility regulations. It will also put you in the best position to apply for a premises licence. You will learn how to ensure the protection of children through responsible retailing and prepare for temporary events.

If you live in Scotland, take our Level 6 Scottish Certificate for Personal Licence Holders – SCPLH (SCQF)

Did you know: There must be at least one personal licence holder in all the premises with a premises licence where one of their activities include the sale and supply of alcohol.   

  • Engaging and Interactive method of learning the required knowledge to then go and sit an APLH Personal License Holder exam.

  • Instant PDF Certificate of Completion on successful completion of the online training course

  • Learn at your own pace with 24/7 access


After successfully completing the course you will receive an e-certificate that you can download onto your device.

Areas Covered

  • Licencing Law

    Learn the history of licencing law, including the Licencing act 2003, the businesses it affects, the types of licence that are issued under it, and about the restrictions it imposes on the sale of alcohol.

  • Personal Licences

    Learn about the nature and purpose of a personal licence, the application process for acquiring one, the duties of a personal licence holder, and the reasons for suspension or forfeiture of a personal licence.

  • Premises Licences

    Learn when a premise licence is required, who can apply for it, what is the application process, and what are the mandatory conditions for it. Also learn the legal duties of a premises licence holder and the role of the designated premises supervisor.

  • The Protection of Children

    Learn how to verify age to prevent underage sales and about other age-restricted products.

  • Powers and Enforcement

    This topic will introduce you to the powers that police and other authorities have with regards to licenced premises, and how they can enforce the Licencing Act 2003.

  • Temporary Events

    This topic will introduce you to temporary event notices (TENs), including details of their uses and limitations

  • Responsible Alcohol Retailing

    In this topic, you will learn how alcohol strength is measured, what is meant by alcohol free and low alcohol, the effects of alcohol and sensible drinking advice, the duty to refuse the sale of alcohol to a drunk person, the consequences of allowing illegal drug use on licenced premises and what an irresponsible promotion is and the illegality of such promotions.

Personal Licence Course
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The Level 2 Award for Personal License Holders also known as the personal license is a license issued by a UK council to an individual who has completed the necessary training to ensure they hold all the skills and knowledge required to function effectively while maintaining legal safety standards when working in places such as retail, hospitality or special event industries where the sale of alcohol is taking place.

A Premises License is the license granted by a Licensing Authority to permit licensable activities, such as the sale of alcohol, to take place on-premises. Premises do not have to be a physical building and a Premises License can be granted for moveable structures such as beer tents and burger vans. Licensed premises include restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, hubs, bars, convenience stores, nightclubs, sports clubs, social clubs, premises for entertainment activities and casinos.

After you have done the Personal License training and examination with us, you'll need to apply for your personal license at the local council in your city. You will be required to pay a £37 application fee to your local council. The council will then conduct a complete background check, after checking your qualifications and completing the mandatory background check, the licensing authority will send your Personal License to you.

A Personal Licence is required by anyone authorising the sale of alcohol from a Licensed Premises. All Licensed Premises must have an allocated Personal Licence Holder, known as the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). By law, the DPS must authorise every sale of alcohol otherwise selling alcohol can lead to various penalties.

Not everyone who makes a sale has to hold a Personal Licence, as long as a Personal Licence Holder has authorised the sale, however it is advisable to have more than one Personal License holder at any given time in cases of emergencies because if a personal license holder is unavailable or becomes sick the business will have to stop sales or worse, face legal consequences for not following the law.

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