Display Screen Equipment


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Display Screen Equipment

We spend more time sitting than doing anything else as a society. There are many health conditions associated with sitting for more than 8-10 hours a day. Hence, it is important to get the proper training to set up workstations and learn safe work practices.

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Display Screen Equipment

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About this Course

Display Screen Equipment training is a legal requirement for anyone who regularly uses it at work. This course will help you meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992. DSE training is also referred to as ‘Computer Health and Safety Training’ or ‘Visual Display Unit (VDU)’ training.

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) include injuries and conditions that can affect the back, joints and limbs. Employers must protect the health and safety of their workers under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act. The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations require that employers do a DSE workstation assessment, make sure workers take breaks from DSE work or do something different, provide an eye test if a worker asks for one, and provide training for workers.

This course is designed for anyone who works with display screen equipment and provides proper training on how to follow safe working practices and set up the workstation ergonomically in order to avoid repetitive strain injuries (RSIs), eye strain, headaches, and back injuries.

The course covers what display screen equipment is, the health risks associated with it, workstation design, the use of portable equipment, safe working practices, and information about eye tests and eyewear.

It also covers the responsibilities of managers and employers regarding the health risks involved in DSE use by employees. It can be used as a stand-alone module or as part of an induction programme. It can also be used as part of the on-programme phase of the new apprenticeship standards.

Did you know: Incorrect use of DSE or poorly designed workstations or work environments can lead to pain in necks, shoulders, backs, arms, wrists and hands as well as fatigue and eye strain. If left untreated these can develop into long term health problems and are more difficult to resolve.

  • Perfect as part of an employee induction plan

  • Suitable for all employees & managers

  • Instant PDF Certificate of Completion on successful completion of the online training course

  • Learn at your own pace with 24/7 access


After successfully completing the course you will receive an e-certificate that you can download onto your device.

Areas Covered

  • Display Screen Equipment and Its Health Risks

    Understand what categorises as display screen equipment and what risks to health the incorrect use of it poses.

  • Getting Comfortable

    Learn simple guidelines that can be followed to reduce the risk of aches and strains.

  • Well-Designed Workstations

    Learn how to take into account the user’s comfort while designing workstations and the correct way to use a mouse, keyboard and monitor.

  • Changes in Activity

    Learn how to prevent the associated health risks of working with display screen equipment by establishing regular short breaks

  • Portable Computers

    Understand the added health risk associated with using portable computers, and learn ways to minimize it.

  • Display Screen Equipment User Training

    All display screen equipment users must be provided with information and health and safety training to help them identify risks and safe working practices. In this topic, you will learn the information this training should cover.

  • Eye Tests and Eyewear

    Learn your rights as an employee regarding regular eye tests if you work with display screen equipment.

  • Assessing DSE

    Learn the responsibilities of your employer to ensure safe use of display screen equipment.

Display Screen Equipment
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